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Maries Pizza currently operates as a purveyor of high quality, hand crafted pizzas which are complemented by an extensive menu of delicious side dishes, all providing value for money and guaranteed great taste.

Our Customers return again and again simply because we deliver the most generous amount of the freshest toppings on an irresistible, lovingly created, pizzeria style base. 

The traditional recipe dough is made with love daily and perfectly complements the fresh produce and generous portions.  Our pizzas are a complete and satisfying meal, comparable to a restaurant pizza rather than a convenience food. 

All Maries Pizzas start with our traditional tomato base and Maries special blend of cheeses. 

Not too thick, not too thin, our base is never, ever fried, we're talking 99% fat free.

Thank you for choosing Maries Pizza, an Australian owned business.

"We are so proud of the pizzas we create, after all, my family and I have worked on our products for a lifetime....we sincerely hope you enjoy them."
Marie Sherman