Mission Statement


To be a company that cares and recognises the human worth of our Team and the people we serve.

To strive for continual improvement in everything we do.

COMPANY VISION (Where we are going)

To be a $50 million international brand, with retail locations throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand and the USA.  The online divisions of the Maries brand are fun, innovative and freshly quirky. The company is privately owned, with equity partners, and is known as ‘the place’ to work. We have broad range profit sharing opportunities. We have a strong internally driven leadership program.  Our customers are raving fans.  We create 1 million acts of giving a year through our network of charity operators. There is caring, integrity and forward thinking in everything we do. Our Team, and the people we serve, enjoy the emotional and financial profit gained from having contact with our company.

COMPANY MISSION (How we will get there) 333 and beyond

Our mission is to put a smile on the face of everyone that chooses Maries.

We go the extra-mile because we care about what we do.

We want to be the best.

We add family, respect, quality, growth and care in every interaction.